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Meet the Staff of Truck Kings

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Abe Aryan - Founder

303-996-8822 - truckkingsdenver@gmail.com

Simply put; This IS my passion! 
Since early childhood my passion has been big trucks, fast cars, and all things hunting and fishing! After owning and operating a conventional car dealership for over a decade, I decided to chase my passion. I have always built and sold custom trucks yet something needed to be different, I would see many dealerships claim they are selling a custom trucks with nothing but a basic lift kit finished off with some wheels and tires. I remembered thinking, "these are not custom trucks" and from this came the birth of Truck Kings. Spending every moment of my free time hunting and fishing, mixed with towing and off-roading I knew what these trucks needed to be capable of, but I didn't want them to look like your Uncle Larry's stock F-150. We set out on a mission to offer the most well thought out, custom built trucks so that no Truck Kings customer would ever have to settle for a basic truck, we want every one to have a jaw dropper! Though our build process is rigorous, time consuming and at times flat out difficult, we built a system  to offer true custom trucks that go well beyond a lift kit, wheels and tires.  The final piece of the Truck Kings puzzle was the desire to change the public perception of buying a new car. Anyone who has purchased a vehicle from a dealership knows it SHOULD be fun, but lets face it.....it's NOT. For this very reason we do not operate like a conventional car dealership at all, we focus on bringing you a one of a kind pride inspiring truck with a fast, friendly, and exciting experience. No haggling, no hidden fees, no band-aid fixed used trucks. Simply top notch, turn key custom trucks

Don't just buy a truck, rather buy a truck that when you park in the parking lot, you can't help but turn around and look back at your truck, grinning ear to ear with a sense of pride and joy. 

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Enzo - Finance Manager

303-996-8822 - truckkingsdenver@gmail.com

As an automotive industry veteran I believe in selling a product you truly believe in

When it came time for me to purchase a personal truck I chose to purchase a Truck Kings custom truck. After experiencing the positive and fun environment at Truck Kings and leaving behind the wheel of my very own custom truck, I knew this was my calling. I don't expect you to buy something I wouldn't drive, so I joined the Truck Kings team to be a part of something bigger. A better experience, a better truck, providing you your own personal signature every time you get behind the wheel. 

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Gustavo - Shop Manager

303-996-8822 -

I enjoy servicing, repairing & building 1 of a kind custom trucks. There is no automotive challenge I won't take on!  
I am going to keep this short & sweet, If it's broke, I'll fix it! With 7 years and counting as the certified Lead Technician & Manager of our shop I am proud to be apart of the Truck Kings team! 

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